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Addiction is a complicated but treatable brain disease that affects millions of people nationwide. Because no single treatment works for everyone, addiction treatment in Little Rock, AK offers individualized programs for each patient based on his or her specific needs.

Types of Addiction Recovery Programs

There are numerous types of addiction treatment programs. Medical detoxification is just the first step of treatment, but it does not cure the problem. Counseling and support groups are essential to the recovery process in order to ensure a successful outcome. The recovery rate of each patient depends on their willingness to stop abusing drugs and/or alcohol and their commitment to seeking a new, healthier lifestyle. The longer they remain in treatment, the better their chances for recovery.

Some addiction treatment programs include:

  • Inpatient residential treatment
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Behavioral treatment
  • Individual therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Dual diagnosis treatment

Behavioral Therapy for Addiction

Individual and group therapy are some of the most commonly used forms of treatment for addiction. These meetings with a counselor or medical professional help patients to become fully involved in their treatment sessions. It helps them identify triggers, change their behaviors and attitudes toward addiction, and gives them the skills to live a healthier life.

These types of behavioral treatments can be found in both inpatient facilities and outpatient programs. While individual counseling helps the addict on a one-to-one basis, group therapy helps them to realize that others are suffering through the same things, and help them be accountable for their actions.

Behavioral treatment helps patients to recognize situations that may be dangerous or tempting. They learn the tools and coping strategies needed to avoid those types of scenarios.

Family therapy deals with patients and their families who have been affected by their addiction. It gives loved ones a safe environment to express their feelings and concerns about the patient's behavior and lifestyle choices. The addict can express him or herself and come to understand the impact their disease has had on their family members. This type of treatment is aimed at improving family dynamics and communication.

Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Inpatient residential treatment programs are good for those patients who have been using drugs for a very long time, need more medical attention or a safe environment to detox and get treatment for their addiction. Facilities offer a sense of community that can be hard to come by unless the addict is involved with self-help groups.

These programs offer individual, family and group therapy where addicts can connect with others who have been through the same experience. The main goal of inpatient residential programs is to ensure that the patient can be introduced into society a fully functioning, drug-free individual.

Many addicts also have mental disorders. Dual diagnosis treatment focuses on both the mental illness and the addiction. This type of treatment typically requires medication management to treat the symptoms of the mental health diagnosis. The proper medication is a significant part of treatment for many patients. It can be especially effective when combined with behavioral therapy and other types of treatment.

Continuous care that addresses the addict's life, mental status, physical health, and teaches them relapse prevention techniques is vital for their recovery and sobriety. An individual's treatment plan has to be constantly evaluated and revised as his or her needs begin to change.

Finding the right addiction treatment in Little Rock means finding what program will work for the patient and his or her unique set of circumstances. Call (877) 804-1531 today to discuss your drug treatment options.

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