My Parent is an Alcoholic: How to Help a Parent in Denial

Are you dealing with an alcoholic parent? : My parent is an alcoholic

Are you concerned about the habits of either your mom or dad, or both, when it comes to drinking alcohol? If there is the possibility that one of your parents has a problem with drinking, speak to them, show your concern and look for ways to find help and or treatment. It is never a comfortable feeling thinking "my parent is an alcoholic", but it is safe to say that there is an answer for how to help an alcoholic parent. Learn about how to help an alcoholic parent and dealing with alcoholic parent.

What is alcoholism or an alcohol use disorder?

If you fear the though that "my parent is an alcoholic" according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism you can ask yourself some questions to determine if there is a problem. If you find many positive answers to these questions, later the topic of dealing with alcoholic parent will be addressed.

  • Has your parent had situations where they ended up drinking more, or longer than they intended?
  • Has your parent tried to cut down, stop drinking, but couldn't?
  • Does your parent spend a lot of time drinking?
  • Does your parent spend a lot of time sick due to a hangover?
  • Have you noticed that your parents drinking, or hangover, has effected your home life or family life?
  • Have you noticed that your parents drinking, or hangover, has effected their work?
  • Have you noticed that your parents drinking, or hangover, has effected the responsibilities that they have with you, in regards to school or meals?
  • Does your parent continue to drink even if it causes problems within the family or with their friends?
  • Has your parent given up activities that at one time gave them pleasure, to be able to drink?
  • Has your parent found themselves in dangerous situations, that could increase their chances of getting hurt, due to drinking?
  • Does your parent black out due to drinking/ forget things that they have done while under the influence of alcohol?
  • Does your parent act anxious when they are not drinking?
  • Does your parent seem depressed when they are not drinking?
  • Have you noticed that your parent has to drink more alcoholic drinks to become drunk?
  • Have you noticed that when you parent isn't drinking they are shaky or irritable?

Dealing with alcoholic parent

Noticing that your parent may have a problem with alcohol can be something that is scary for a child, at any age. First and foremost, it is a good idea to speak with your parent about their problem. A good time to speak with them about their problem is in the time that they have said something about needing to "cut back, or stop" their drinking.

It is very common when dealing with alcoholic parent to find that they are defensive. Remember to speak to your parent with kind words, showing that there is concern. If you reach a positive outcome with your parent, you can answer the questions of "how to help an alcoholic parent" by looking up treatment programs with them. Along with reassuring them that they are making a good decision and letting them know that you will support them along the way. It is also a good idea to suggest to your parent that you will attend treatment with them, weather it be in a treatment center or a meeting. This lets them know that they do not have to find help alone.

Remember, when you are unsure of how to help an alcoholic parent or are thinking "my parent is an alcoholic" there is help waiting for you. If you have found yourself in an unsafe situation due to speaking with your parent about getting help, make sure to call another family member or friend to go and spend time with them or even have them come and support you in the conversation. When dealing with alcoholic parent, treatment is always the best option. Call 501-708-2757 to find help today.

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